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YnNi Padarn Peris, Llanberis - Hydro & Solar PV

 YnNi Padarn Peris, Llanberis - Hydro & Solar PV

YnNi Padarn Peris is a new group (incorporated in 2014) with big ambitions for the Padarn Peris area.  They benefit from the support of the National Trust and there is a lot of renewable energy experience within the group. 

Several projects are already underway, including: 

1. A plan to put 10kW of solar PV array on top of the medical clinic in Llanberis.  YnNi Padarn Peris have an agreement with the clinic that they will receive free electricity from the solar panels, whilst the community group will receive the income from the Feed In Tariff (FIT) to help fund work on other projects.  This is an ideal arrangement because the vast majority of the clinicʼs electricity is used in the day whilst the PV panels will be generating.  The project will be part funded by a grant from First Hydro and will be installed at cost price by Carbon Zero Renewables.  At current rates 10KW of PV should generate FIT income of about £1,200 per year. 

2. A hydro scheme on the Afon Goch.  The group have signed agreements to develop this resource in partnership with the relevant landowners, have done basic feasibility work and are in the process of applying for funds from Ynniʼr Fro (the Welsh Governmentʼs community energy support programme) to fund a full feasibility study.  The feasibility study will inform YnNI Padarn Peris of how much electricity the stream could generate and whether the hydro scheme is likely to get planning permission.  If it looks doable it is possible that the capital costs of the project could be funded through a community share offer, enabling local people to invest in the project in return for annual interest payments. 

3. Several other scoping studies have been conducted on a range on potential hydro schemes ranging from 15kW to 400kW. 

YnNi Padarn Peris are receiving support from Ynniʼr Fro, Gwynedd Werdd, Renew Wales and the National Trust. 

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