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Abergavenny Community Woodland Group

Abergavenny Community Woodland Group

Creating a woodland management plan for volunteers

About the group

Abergavenny Community Woodland Group helps manage woodlands in Abergavenny including Jenny’s Wood. They arrange volunteer days to get involved in coppicing, hedge-laying, tree planting and tree thinning.

They found out about Renew Wales through a local contact who knew about the project.

Renew Wales activities

Renew Wales supported them by developing a Woodland Management Plan for the group and then providing training on how to implement it.

Impact of the support

The main impact of the support has been to provide a management plan that will support the work the group undertakes.

Through having the plan they have been able to attract new members and deliver a better product for the land owner. They have also been able to train new members of the group.

The new members have been inducted into the areas that are important to the group. This has helped revitalise the group and reminded them of the flora, fauna and woodland diversity they have in the wood.

They had a very good relationship with Gareth ‘Gareth was always there at the end of an email, it was easy to fit in with my schedule as a volunteer and he worked with other members of the group to deliver the training’

The group would like someone from Renew Wales to talk to the trustees of the group about how they could help develop the group further.

‘Gareth is a great contact’

Impact on poverty

The group is active in their community and are helping to maintain woodland that can be used by the whole community. They are helping to create community spaces that engage the wider community. They also provide opportunities to involve the wider community in learning new skills and helping to manage valuable community woodland.


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