People supporting people
                    to take enterprising action
against climate change

49th Scouts Group, Rymney, Cardiff

49th Scouts Group, Rymney, Cardiff

Getting young and old involved in environmental projects

The 49th Scouts Group Rumney is based in the East of Cardiff. They have 75 active members and around 150 wider members, they were able to involve around 75 local people in the Renew Wales project.

The project Renew Wales supported them with was a gardening project. It allowed them to develop a patch of garden adjacent to their scout hall. The project involved helping the group to grow vegetables and fruit and to grow some flowers.

The support involved three practical sessions that helped get the project up and running with the scout group. This included a bug hotel, a session on how to make planters from recycled pallets and a pumpkin growing workshop.

The project leader described it as ‘an excellent point of reference to start the project’

It has had a big impact too- Working with Renew Wales helped to increase the awareness of the group to learn about and participate in growing. The sessions brought small groups of adults and children together to work on the garden. One of the unexpected impacts of the work is that it increased awareness among the group of the importance of pollinators and so they grew specific pollinator plants.

The group commented ‘the support was practical and there is the satisfaction of being able to achieve so much over a small amount of time’.

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