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Water Blues Green Solutions

Film Showing at Chapter Art Centre on 11th Dec - Water Blues Green Solutions

 *Water Blues Green Solutions : */working with nature to create a sustainable water future///

Produced by Penn State Public Media.

Duration 60 mins. approx.

*Chapter Art Centre*****

*Thursday 11th December 2014
Meet in foyer at 6 pm *

discussion in the bar after the film.


An evening presented by landscape manager Raymond Edwards (RCTBC) hosted by Artstation.

*/‘How we manage water in the twenty-first century will affect the quality of our health and the sustainability of our way of life./*


*/Water Blues Green Solutions takes us on a journey across the country (USA) in search of communities that are adopting new ways of thinking about how to protect, restore, and preserve our rivers and the sources of our drinking water. /*


*/Although it describes the USA scene the ideas and solutions were produced to highlight the issues to US citizens (all US Senators were issued with a copy) issues are relevant to us and other developed countries. /*


*/The film had its UK launch at the Landscape Institute’s 2013/2014 AGM in October and is doing the rounds. I managed to get hold of the film on loan from the Institute and thought it would be useful to show you and others who are interested in the environment and water specifically.’/*


*There is a lot going around in the UK following the need to address flooding and coastal erosion and various training and CPD events are being put on for engineers and landscape architects and planners around the subject of Sustainable Urban Drainage systems (SUDs) and the more general subject of Water Sensitive Design. *


*In Wales Dwr Cymru have a few projects where they are using SUDs, one of which is being planned for Grangetown commencing in 2015. *


*What the film demonstrates is that there are various positive spin offs from taking a pro active approach to managing water rather than just putting it down the sewer pipe. Many of which have the potential to greatly enrich communities. *

*Glenn Davidson*


*Chapter Art Centre*

*Market House *

*Market Rd*


*CF5 1QE*



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