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Wales Renewable Energy Producers Business Rate Scheme

This grant scheme helps new-start renewable energy producers or businesses looking to expand their capacity to generate more heat and power from renewable sources.

You may qualify for this scheme if you are registered to pay business rates as a new-start business or if you're looking to increase your permanent full-time workforce in the financial year for which your application is being made.

You will need to be looking to generate heat and/ or power from at least one of these sources:

  •   wind - on and off shore
  •   microgeneration
  •   bio-energy - including anaerobic digestion and wood
  •   marine energy - wave and tidal
  •   solar - thermal & photovoltaics
  •   geothermal
  •   hydropower
  •   waste to energy

For further information click on the link below;,18SYS,1TWRKA,47MIW,1

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