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The Nation's Biggest Housewarming 2015

Organise a housewarming event & donate the money you've raised to NEA - 27th February 2015


After a successful campaign in March 2014, NEA is again running the Nation’s Biggest Housewarming in February 2015.


Join us in organising a housewarming event by baking (or buying) cakes, doughnuts, pakoras, pies and scones to sell to your family, friends or colleagues and then donate the money you’ve raised to NEA!


The Nation’s Biggest Housewarming helps to raise much needed funds to enable NEA to deliver fuel poverty projects and to campaign to ensure that all households are able to live in homes which are warmer, healthier and affordable to heat.


More information to follow or contact Jen Carruthers Jones to register your interest.

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