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Sharenergy-supported projects and share offers

A quick update on Sharenergy-supported projects and share offers

A quick update on Sharenergy-supported projects and share offers.

The first wind turbine supported by Sharenergy is now up and running in Dingwall- see It's actually Scotland's first 100% co-operatively-owned wind turbine!
Hot on the heels is Wester Derry Wind Co-op which will use the same WTN 250kW turbine model. The share offer is still open - for some reason takeup has been relatively slow, perhaps because people saw how very locally shares were raised at Dingwall. In this case members from outside the area are welcomed - rural Perthshire is pretty sparsely populated! See for share offer document and details. The turbine is now on order so it's definitely going ahead.

Turning to solar, Leominster Sunrise Co-op was launched yesterday, looking to raise £150,000 for a 90kW array on the new primary school in Leominster. This is one of the largest arrays in the UK on a school and the first of a co-op owned array on a new build school. The Head of the existing junior school and Sunrise director Felicity Norman were on BBC Hereford and Worcester yesterday talking about the project, both excited about the educational possibilities it will provide, as well as the cost savings the school will make. The array should be generating by September when the school opens and will save over 36 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. Returns are predicted to be 4% (IRR), the equivalent of 10.4% with Seed EIS tax relief, for which pre-approval has been granted. For more information and to download the share offer document, see:
With all share offers you can get a hard copy by calling 01743 277119.
Many congratulations to LGV2 who have reached their minimum target - their share offer has formally ended although they may still accept applications if you're quick: 
A few years ago the idea that a co-op could raise £600k in South Wales for hydro would have seemed fanciful.
One more major achievement: Sharenergy obtained EIS tax relief for the members of Woolhope Woodheat. This had been in question due to Government policy and HMRC practice. It's really good news that this has come through, and gives hope to the new crop of renewable heat projects that they are working on in schools, swimming pools and villages.

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