People supporting people
                    to take enterprising action
against climate change

Renew Wales Evaluation

We are pleased to share the latest Renew Wales evalution.

 RENEW Wales has been delivering social change on climate change across Wales for over three years using an award-winning peer-support network.  It has supported over 300 communities - more than half of whom had not previously taken any action on climate change.  RENEW uses paid peer-to-peer support from a network of experienced community practitioners to provide advice, training, mentoring and technical support to community-led social enterprise across Wales.  The RENEW model is based on the following principles:

        Community groups will engage with and learn more from their peer group – people from other communities who have travelled the same road.

        The programme is distributed – and builds on the experience, knowledge of existing networks.

        It is community led and empowering - supporting the needs and aspirations of communities to make lasting change through their own efforts.

        The programme is inherently cost-effective and supportive of the third sector because the mentors’ and coordinators’ organisations are paid for the support delivered.


The independent evaluatio concluded:

“The impact on groups and their ability to take action on climate change continues to be substantial. 80% of groups agree that Renew Wales has helped stimulate ideas and 56% are thinking differently about environmental projects. 75% think Renew Wales has helped strengthen their organisation.”


“The Renew Model continues to be one of the key pieces of learning that can be replicated in other areas and with other programmes. Renew Wales have shown how a modest core team can performance manage a much larger team of Coordinators and Mentors by having some simple rules and paying on activity and outcome, not just at fixed time points.”




Download Renew Wales Evaluation File 1 (Renew Wales Short Report FINAL.pdf)

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