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Renew Wales Announces Funding Extension at Annual Conference

Renew Wales Announces Funding Extension at Annual Conference

Pan Wales Programme, Renew Wales, held their Annual Conference on Thursday 15th October, at Cardiff City Hall. Renew Wales used this successful event to announce the exciting news that their funding from the Big Fund has been extended until March 2018.

Over 90 delegates came from all over Wales to take part in the event and share in the good news.

Robert Proctor, Renew Wales’ Director said “The Conference has been a huge success and has generated a lot of positive ideas. We are absolutely thrilled that our funding via Big Lottery’s Big Fund has been extended, meaning that we can carry on with the support we are providing to groups and communities across Wales”

The Renew Wales Conference was a great example of how Renew Wales works. By bringing in expert practitioners from across Wales to contribute to workshops on the day where  they were able  to share their knowledge and experience with aspiring groups. It is an innovative model of support that builds on and rewards the skills, knowledge and experience that exists within the third sector in Wales. The workshops explored subjects such as Promoting Local Community Action and Creating a Thriving Local Economy.

The theme of the conference was People Power: Creating Sustainable Futures and delegates heard from a number of high profile speakers in the sector, including Peter Davies, the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales and Dr Sarah Lloyd Jones, the Director of People and Work. Dr Sarah Lloyd Jones was keen to express her views on the bottom up approach "We need to build capacity in people and their communities"

Delegates also attended a Panel discussion, with Peter Davies, Dr Lloyd Jones and Mick Brown from Robert Owen Community Banking Fund. The panel challenged the Voluntary and Environment Sectors and discussed best practice from Wales and England. Dr Sarah Lloyd Jones stated that the Voluntary Sector in Wales is poorer than that in Scotland and that Wales was not at a stage to compare itself to the Sector in England.


Also on the panel were Jim Poole from the Climate Change Commission for Wales, Gareth Clubb from Friends of the Earth Cymru, Helen Murray from Planed and the Renew Wales Steering Group Chairman, Chris Blake.

Tom Parkinson from Energy Local attended and there was a lot of interest in the trial they are running in Swindon to develop a new way to enable local communities to work together to pool their locally owned generation and manage local demand to reduce bills and carbon emissions.

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