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Renew Wales 2014 Report

Renew Wales 2014 Report.

This is the third annual report produced as part of the Renew Wales evaluation. The first report considered the start up phase and the effort needed to get a project like this moving. This concluded there was substantial potential in a programme like Renew Wales but the project was in its early days.

The second report showed how the momentum for Renew Wales had built. It highlighted the large number of groups it had engaged and the diversity of the projects Renew Wales had become involved in. It concluded that although momentum was building with a lot of activity and delivery happening 18 months into the programme, more time was needed to demonstrate the impact of Renew Wales support.
This third report considers what impact Renew Wales support has on the groups it works with. It starts by considering the Renew Wales model in more detail and the impact this has on delivery. It goes on to discuss the activity that has taken place under the Renew Wales banner and the impact of this activity on the Sustainable Steps outcomes. It then goes onto consider the future of Renew Wales and the potential for sharing and embedding the learning from two and a half years of delivery.

Read the Renew Wales 2014 Final Report below.

Download Renew Wales 2014 Report File 1 (Renew Wales third interim report FINAL SUMMARY.pdf)

Download Renew Wales 2014 Report File 2 (Renew Wales third interim report FINAL.pdf)

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