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Pedal for Power - Stop Climate Chaos Cymru

Pedal for Power - Stop Climate Chaos Cymru

28th November 2015.

On Saturday, November 28th Stop Climate Chaos Cymru hosted a mass bike ride and rally in the capital of Wales. They met at Callaghan Square in Cardiff and cycled together down Bute Street to the Senedd, where there were speakers and entertainment , as supporters came together to show love for Wales and the planet! Sustrans Cymru coordinated the mass bike ride.

National Assembly members and around 800 supporters, including Renew Wales, gathered at the event, hosted by Welsh comedian Dan Mitchell. The group cycled through the heavy rain and showed they were not deterred by the bad weather. Speakers included Assembly Member Alun Davies, head of Christian Aid Wales Huw Thomas and Welsh Green Party leader Pippa Bartolotti.

The rally was held ahead of the COP 21 talks which began in Paris the following week, where world leaders discussed a strategy for a global deal on how to tackle the impacts of climate change.

Leader of the Wales Green Party, Pippa Bartolotti stated: “Let’s get to the point, there is climate change, and we are living with it.

“That’s what they’ll be saying in Paris, that’s what we’re saying here in Cardiff."


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