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Newport hears religious view on climate change

A UNIQUE conference to discuss how some of the major world religions view climate change was held in Newport last month.

‘Climate change and pathway to peace’ was a multi-cultural, multi-faith and women’s only conference which was held at the YMCA on August 3.

The event was arranged by Renew Wales, which supports 200 community groups across Wales and Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association, Newport.

The theme of the conference was to demonstrate how some of the major world religions view climate change and the environmental agenda. Its aim was to show practical ways in which women can help mitigate climate change in their everyday lives.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim association believes that the problem of climate change can be solved only if mankind appreciates the real purpose of its creation, which is to worship the Creator and to love His creation.

Four hands on workshops were carried out including Waste savers – recycling, NEST – making Wales cozy, Save Our Woodland Bassaleg – Protecting our woodland heritage, and Egg Seeds – creating a mini garden.

The president of Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association Newport, Qanta Toseef said: “I would request all of you to strive for peace to the best of your abilities so that we can keep the flicker of hope alight, that a time will come when true peace and justice will be established in all parts of the world.”


Newport’s deputy mayor, Councillor Kate Thomas, added: “The Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association has been known to me for several years now and they have been completely committed and dedicated to supporting and fund raising for other people who are experiencing difficulties in the local community, as well as nurturing better community relations.”

Source: South Wales Argus

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