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NEF News We're not good at managing our natural resources. From recklessly burning fossil fuels to overfishing our seas, we're allowing our present day needs to trash the planet for future generations. I joined NEF two years ago because, like you, I know this doesn't make social, environmental or economic sense.

Our analysis shows overfishing in EU waters has cost us €7.1 billion in the last 5 years alone.
We need to change this. And that’s where my new model comes in. The Bio-Economic Model of European Fleets (BEMEF for short) crunches data from all across Europe to show how we can better manage our seas.
Find out more about our new project.
£659m in additional profit. 102,000 more jobs. BEMEF shows how small changes to the way we fish can have massive benefits to the thousands of coastal communities who depend on our seas. Why not explore the data for yourself?
This model was only possible thanks to help from other research organisations, representatives from industry, public institutions and NGOs, and we’re not finished yet. I want to work with others across Europe to refine and improve this data in the coming years.
Our natural resources matter. With proper management, we can all benefit from them - as well as safeguard our future.
Best wishes,
Griffin Carpenter
Economic Modeller, NEF
Ps. Read more about our research in the Guardian.

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