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Link to Energy - Countdown to Low Carbon Homes

Severn Wye Energy Agency, and partners Cyprus Energy Agency and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, have published the results of a three year action research project to develop a practical delivery model for community scale retrofit of homes.

The results are presented in a full research report, summary brochure,
case studies and guidance 'toolkit', all of which are available on the
project website [1]. The project will
be presented at the World Sustainable Energy Days in Austria in

With a focus on privately owned homes, and delivery by locally activeSMEs
and microenterprises, the research explored the 'retrofit journey'
from planning stage to installation and beyond, drawing on the views and
experience of home owners and contractors, as well as others involved in
the local supply chain.

For Severn Wye, the project built on over a decade of successful
delivery, working closely with local authorities, contractors, third
sector agencies and community groups in Gloucestershire, South
Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, and has helped to shape our vision for
local delivery in Gloucestershire going forward.

An overall conclusion is to endorse the value of the community hub
approach, in providing a local support service, giving impartial energy
advice, linking home owners to locally active contractors offering the
full range of measures, helping them to find appropriate finance, and
building awareness and experience of the energy improvements that are
possible for a range of local house types. Over 100 companies are
registered with the installer group and a local loans programme is
currently being trialled.

If you have any queries or would like any further information please
contact either Sam Evans - [email protected] or Catrin Maby-
[email protected].

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