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Life with a Cargo Bike

Life with a Cargo Bike

It's amazing what you can fit on a cargo bike and with an electric assist who even needs a car.

After reading about life with an electric vehicle in Neil Lewis' blog I decided that i should share the fantastic world of cargo bikes with you all.

Since working for Renew Wales I have always commuted to the office by bike and train.  It wasn't long before we decided that 2 cars was no longer necessary and we went down to 1.  The commute into Penarth is far more pleasurable by bike and train and remarkably I can get to work just as quickly as if I were to drive as the traffic is a nightmare.

When the children were old enough to start school suddenly we were faced with a dilemma.  We weren't far enough away to be eligible for a bus but it was a long and potentially hazardous walk to and from school and we were keen to avoid travelling by car.

What were the options?  To be honest I wouldn't have even known about Cargo Bikes unless we had met a local family with a Yuba Mundo.  They did everything on their cargo bike including the weekly shop and could transport up to 3 children. We decided to take the plunge and get the slightly smaller Yuba Boda Boda.  This is now our local transportation of choice, the school run, football training and visiting friends houses are all done on this incredible bike.  We have yet to take it camping with both kids but we intend to soon.  It can easily carry 2 children, tow their bikes and carry a picnic fit for a king.  The only limitation to what you can carry is fitness and with an e-assist this is easily overcome.  

This bike came into it's own when our car was stolen and we were car less for over 2 months while we were recovering it.  I would be lying if I said that we could manage without a car but it made it a great deal easier and we just got used to doing things more locally for a while.  

What I love most about the bike is that it makes every journey more pleasurable.  Whether it is interacting with people along the way, seeing wildlife, feeling more healthy and active or just the thrill of riding a bike down a hill it always helps to raise a smile on the people we pass by.  

So if it's electric cars you're after then Neil is your man but when it comes to Cargo Bikes, get in touch with me.

Rob - Renew Wales Programme Director.





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