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IWA Energy Summit 2014

IWA Energy Summit 2014: Wales' energy supply, security and resilience by 2050


IWA Energy Summit 2014:
Wales' energy supply, security and
resilience by 2050

15th October 2014, 09:00 - 16:30
Central Cardiff venue TBC

As part of the National Conversation on 'The Wales We Want', the Institute of Welsh Affairs, Cynnal Cymru and the Commissioner for Sustainable Futures are holding an Energy Summit to debate how we meet Wales' energy supply, security needs and resilience by 2050.

This event will bring together the key figures in a conversation on what is the best option for Wales' energy future to inform a report by Peter Davies, the Commissioner for Sustainable Futures, to the First Minister's Energy Group.

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Confirmed speakers so far:
  • Peter Davies, Commissioner for Sustainable Futures
  • Jane Davidson, Member of Silk Commission
  • Dr. Richard Cowell, Cardiff University
  • Dr. Carol Bell, Caracal Energy
  • Dr. Paul Brooks, Tata Steel
  • Prof. Hywel Thomas, Cardiff University
  • Prof. Calvin Jones, Cardiff University
  • Dr. John Idris Jones, Wylfa Magnox Ltd
  • Gareth Clubb, Friends of the Earth
  • Christine Demski, Cardiff University


09:30 Introduction

09:35 Morning Address: "Energy supply in a devolved nation"

An outline of current supply of Welsh energy, and the public policies that surround it.
10:00 First Debate: "Wales’ energy future: fossil or no fossil?
A debate between proponents of fossil and renewable fuel sources.

11:00 Feedback and Networking Break

12:00 Second Debate: "The end of the cheap oil what next?"

What does "peak oil" mean for Wales?  Can it be mitigated with technological advances or should we reorientate our economy from oil and gas?

12:45 Lunch

13:45 Final Debate: "Nuclear-the low-carbon option?"

Is embracing Nuclear power the easiest way to address the energy crunch and meet our ambitions for a low-carbon future?

14:45 Reflections of the keynote listener, Peter Davies

15:00 Feedback and Networking Session

16:30 End of Day

*Timings and schedule may be subject to change

Members - £45 + VAT
Non-members - £90 + VAT
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This event will be preceded by the 2014 Conference for the Severn Region: Energy Opportunities, hosted by the RSA and Learned Society of Wales. 
The purpose of the conference is to present an overview of the main possible sources of renewable energy available for manufacturing, business, and the wider population in the Severn Region, with the effect that these may have on the establishment of an Environmentally Circular Economy. 
For more information on this event, please go to their event page.

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