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Good News for Community Energy - Shareenergy

Dear Sharenergy supporter Something like Spring is showing at our window and there's an awful lot going on!

Share offers
If you haven't yet looked at our new live projects page then please have a click. We're supporting solar, hydro and wind projects looking for new members across the UK.
There has been a great response with most of the projects selling out of SEIS shares but there are plenty of EIS shares available - 30% tax relief is still very good to support something you believe in. These projects have planning permission, grid connection and lots of other things in place. See for example Corwen Hydro (50% subscribed), Ludlow Hydro (61%), Pomona Solar (60%) or Heartland Wind (84% subscribed).
There are still SEIS shares available in the earlier-stage projects: for example Bury Hydro (32% subscribed) and Liverpool Solar (30%), along with the new share offer from New Leaf Solar (10% to date). Do consider getting involved in these - we are able to bring you stable, well-developed projects precisely because people support them at an earlier stage.
We're very glad to see that Braemar Hydro have now completed their pioneer share offer - congratulations, and expect a further fundraise soon.
A welcome to Hott [email protected] whose main share offer is now underway - and a shout out to our friends at NICE in Northern Ireland who also have shares on sale.
The Budget
We're glad to see that the Budget has confirmed that we'll keep SEIS and EIS for a while longer before SITR comes in - 6 months or more. We're sure this will see a few more share offers in the coming months. At the same time FCA have announced that we'll have to wait until the Autumn at least for a resolution of the issues over their treatment of co-ops. Overall its clear that community energy is just starting to become a significant movement in the UK and some people are starting to listen...
Crida Wind
We're continuing in our 5-year mission to get community-owned wind up and running in Shropshire. After withdrawing our plannign application for two turbines Crida we've re-applied with plans for one 500kW turbine - we're still one of very few wind projects in the whole West Midlands region, and the only community-owned one. Please, if you support community wind power, take 1 minute to support us in the planning process - all the details are on the project's support page along with lots of other details of the project.
All the best from the team at Sharenergy

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