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April newsletter for Generate Wales



Welcome to the April edition of the Generate Wales Newsletter.

Limited spaces available at the DECC RHI Roadshows across Wales

Llandudno – 30th April
Aberystwyth – 1st May
Swansea – 2nd May

The Energy Saving Trust are running a series of RHI focused events this April and May in collaboration with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

The informative half day events will provide Welsh SME’s an arena for discussion about the RHI and the opportunities it presents for Wales. Speakers include DECC and Ofgem, and a local installer will be speaking about their interpretation of the RHI and how they plan to integrate the programme with ECO. Attendees will then have the floor for a quick fire Q and A session with DECC, Ofgem, the Energy Saving Trust and a representative for local installers.

Limited spaces remain for the Roadshows in Llandudno, Aberystwyth and Swansea. For more details and to register a place please visit our website, or email [email protected].


Domestic RHI Launched

The 9th of April saw the launch of the long awaited Domestic RHI, you can find the full details of the scheme online. Greg Barker, Energy and Climate Change Minster, responded to the launch by saying “This is the first scheme of its kind in the world - showing yet again that the UK is leading the way in the clean energy sector. Not only will people have warmer homes and cheaper fuel bills, they will reduce their carbon emissions, and will also get cash payments for installing these new technologies. It opens up a market for the supply chain, engineers and installers - generating growth and supporting jobs as part of our long-term economic plan”.

Free Water Energy Calculator – find out how much your customers could save

Signpost your customers to our bi-lingual online Water Energy Calculator. By answering quick and easy questions householders can find out how much water and energy their household uses and what improvements they could make. Support your customers to make the most of their investment in solar thermal technologies by ensuring they have a water efficient home. Find out more online.

Is your company in one of Wales’ enterprise zones?
If so, you could be eligible for huge discounts on rates

The Welsh Business Rates Scheme provides financial support for business rates liabilities incurred by small and medium-sized businesses located in the seven Enterprise Zones in Wales. If your business qualifies for the Business Rates Scheme, you will receive up to a maximum of £55,000 (the cap on the Scheme per annum) or the business rates paid, whichever is the lower. For details visit the Business Wales website, or call 03000 6 03000.



Bringing the RHI Roadshow to Welsh Businesses

Llandudno – 30th April
Aberystwyth – 1st May
Swansea – 2nd May 


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