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Easter is an eggcellent time to be green

Recycle for Wales have some top tips to avoid the excess waste and reduce your food bill.

Like many other holiday periods, Easter is sometimes used as an excuse to be irresponsible with our waste, creating more and disposing of it without consequence. This Easter supermarkets are crammed with chocolate eggs, often coming in layers of plastic and cardboard packaging. Many of us also over cook for our Easter Sunday lunch, creating unnecessary food waste. Recycle for Wales have some top tips to avoid the excess waste and reduce your food bill.

In the UK, it is estimated that 80* million chocolate eggs will be bought each year worth around £200m often many of these choccy treats come excessively packaged with cardboard and plastic. Much of this may end up in landfill, yet the majority of this can be recycled via your weekly kerbside recycling service. If you do have the choice, we urge you to choose your chocolate egg with the least amount of packaging.

Alternatively have a fun afternoon with the children and make your own hand-painted eggs or bake some Easter treats instead. Chocolate rice crispy cakes are fun and easy to make and you’ll get twice the satisfaction knowing that they’re better for the environment. Or why not make your own Easter eggs?

If you’re cooking a big lunch for family and friends, buy only what you need to avoid waste and save money. For portion size advice visit

Use your Sunday roast leftovers and save cash – try this website for heaps of tasty leftover recipes Leftover hot cross buns make an extra-special bread and butter pudding with fruit and fresh cream custard.

Ensure all of the vegetable peelings and any leftovers go into your food waste bin. Every council in Wales collects food waste at the kerbside so there’s no excuse for not recycling your food waste.

Bank Holiday waste collections times may vary
Easter is time when we all, inevitably will create more waste. It is therefore important to check with your Council to see if your waste collections days have changed for Good Friday (18th April) and Easter Monday (21st April).

Bank Holidays mean food and, whether it is a Bank Holiday barbecue, Easter roast or even a party buffet, remember to recycle plastic food tubs, pots and bottles, tins and cardboard via your weekly recycling collection service.

Andrew Osborne from Recycle for Wales said, “We’d never dare to deny the chocoholics in Wales another excuse to indulge, however, we would like to ask people to think about amount of waste that the shop-bought eggs create and try to buy eggs with the least amount of packaging. Try and recycle any plastic and cardboard packaging to avoid it ending up in landfill. Also, don’t forget your waste collection days will change due to the bank holiday. Please check with your council. We want residents to work egg-stra hard on recycling their Easter Bank Holiday waste on the correct days!”

For further information on how to reduce, reuse, recycle and save money, plus where to find your nearest recycling centre visit

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