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DTA Wales now second delivery partner for Village SOS initiative

DTA Wales now second delivery partner for Village SOS initiative

DTA Wales, our host organisation and founding partner, has just become a second delivery partner in Wales for the rural Village SOS initiative. Village SOS is a campaign that aims to inspire local community action, through supporting new, developing and existing community projects that benefit residents in rural communities throughout the UK.

 It helps communities to survive and thrive and become more enterprising. That might be by keeping services such as shops or playgroups alive for local villages or by starting up a new enterprise that could create income to benefit local areas.

Village SOS will help projects to develop and work through a set of actions, in a bespoke plan of support that suits each community’s needs. The aim is that projects will feel empowered and able to complete actions that will keep them going.  ‘Community-to-community’ learning is at the heart of this campaign as we believe the best advice comes from someone who has been through it themselves. There will be opportunities for projects involved with Village SOS to learn from other projects and VSOS Mentors with knowledge and skills relevant to participating projects.  In addition lots of tools and resources are available on the Village SOS website to download.  Visit for more information. 

Village SOS is delivered across the UK by ACRE and its group of partners and funded by the Big Lottery Fund.  DTA Wales will now work alongside WCVA in Wales to deliver the Village SOS support until the Autumn 2016.  If you have a rural community project you think might benefit from the FREE mentoring support or if you would like to become a VSOS Mentor, please contact Rachel Marshall at DTA Wales on 02920 190260 or e-mail [email protected]

*Projects, potential projects and organisations that provide a service to their local rural community with a population of fewer than 10,000.

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