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Corwen Electricity Co-operative launched their share offer for the hydro scheme on the 19th Feb at 7.30 pm in the Sports pavilion, Corwen.

Corwen Electricity Co-operative is a new co-op which will own a hydro turbine in the town of Corwen.

The Co-op will install and own a 55 kilowatt turbine which will take water from Nant Cawrddu, which rises outside Corwen and flows into the town.
The scheme is set up as a co-operative so that it will be owned and operated by members from the local community. A pioneer share offer has taken place to raise the money for the development costs. This is now complete and raised the £25,200 that was necessary. They have just launched a new share offer to raise the money needed for the capital construction. Additional grant funding has been obtained through the Ynni’r Fro scheme to cover the legal fees incurred in obtaining all the leases that will be needed on the land that the turbine and pipeline will be built on.
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The scheme will generate sufficient energy to feed about 38 typical households and save about 55 tonnes of CO2 per year.
Corwen Electricity Co-operative is being supported by and would like to give thanks to many organisations including Cadwyn Clwyd, Corin Hughes Limited, Renew Wales, Ynni’r Fro, Denbighshire County Council, The Rhug Estate, Natural Resources Wales, Dwr Cymru and Sharenergy


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