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Cardiff Philosophy Cafe, Tuesday 4 November

Encounters with Energy

Encounters with Energy

The Energy Biographies Project/Dr Chris Groves
Tuesday 4 November
The Gate, 8.00 pm

The next Philosophy café will foreground issues arising from the Cardiff University project ‘Energy Biographies’, which involved researchers from Social Sciences and Psychology. Energy Biographies has sought to look at how people use energy in their everyday lives and how this is influenced by past life events and anticipated futures. The research was conducted in four communities in the UK, including two in Cardiff. In addition to contributions from research participants, this ‘Energy Café’ will involve discussion of some important issues arising from the project research:

- What are the wider implications of how we use energy in our everyday lives?
- What does energy use tell us about our identities and our relationships with each other?
- What does research into how we use energy tell us about our collective ideas regarding the 'good life'?
- How might we need to change the ways in which we use energy to achieve a more sustainable society and how can the communities in which we live work together to do this?

As usual for Cardiff Philosophy Cafe, the Cafe will begin at 8.00pm in the Cafe Bar. However, the event will feature exhibits from a recent research exhibition
at the Senedd and these will be available to view from 7.00pm on the day.

This event is part of the
ESRC Festival of Social Science.

More information is available on the CPC website and blog.

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