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Bristol Big Green Week 2014

Allow your visual senses to take a back seat with Super Sense at Bristol's Big Green Week


Allow your visual senses to take a back seat with Super Sense at Bristol’s Big Green Week  
  Super Sense is a partnership project that TYF have developed and trialled with Andy Shipley, a visually impaired Do Lectures graduate. It’s an interactive workshop designed to enable participants to leave non-sense and common sense behind and switch on a deeper, more powerful level of awareness and it’s coming to Bristol’s Big Green Week 2014.  
  Supper Sense Blind Banquet - Friday 20th June @ 7pm  
  Supper Sense is a fun evening of getting to know food, your taste buds and fellow guests in a completely new way. Andy Shipley, who is visually impaired, will be guiding guests through a dining experience in the dark, helping them to draw upon their non-visual senses with a range of seasonal savouries and scintillating sweets. Come and join the dinner party at the City Farm Cafe in St Werberghs, Bristol. Click here for more information.  
  Super Sense in Leigh Woods - Saturday 21st June sessions running @ 10am, 1pm, 4pm  
  Glimpse the magic that can be revealed when you let visual information take a back seat and allow the other senses to come into their own. Guided by Super Sense’s tag team of visually-impaired and sighted coaches, this 3 hour emersion will enable participants to discover a deeper appreciation of their natural surroundings and their own abilities. Click here to join this highly participative, fun and memorable experience in Leigh Woods.   

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