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Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Association Women's Climate Change Conference

 Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Association Women's Climate Change Conference

(Pictured, amongst others, members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Association, Newport, Save our Woodland, Bassaleg, Nina Finnigan and Sherry Martin from Renew Wales and Councillor Kate Thomas)

Renew Wales sponsored the recent Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Association, (Newport Branch) conference for women on climate change.

This was a really exciting and inspiring event that brought together a range of Women from across Newport who are actively working on projects that tackle climate change.  In particular the event  organisers wanted to promote Women’s role in tackling Climate Change and it was decided that this should be only available to Women.

The event took place at the YMCA in  Newport and was organised by Renew Wales Coordinator, Nina Finnigan and the Ahmadiyya group. Nina set the tone for the day in her opening statement, when she said "Small changes can make a better and more sustainable environment for us all"

Delegates then watched a video detailing the Ahmadiyya group's work and contribution to the environment, displaying exactly why they have a reputation for charitable work all across the world and why they are largely known as the most dynamic organisation in the Muslim Community.

Councillor Kate Thomas, from Newport City Council and representing the Stow Hill Ward, was a speaker at the event and voiced her opinion on the affinity women have with the environment, saying "Women nurture the environment like we do our families"

Qanta, the President of Ahamdiyya Women's Newport also spoke at the Conference and said how grateful she was for the group and for Nina, for all of their hard work and that the success of the Conference was a result of this work. 

Penny Goodwin the Chief Executive of Local Social Enterprise Wastesavers lead a workshop on recycling and furniture reuse and members of Save Our Woodland Bassaleg ran a workshop around their campaign to save a community woodland. 

The event wasn’t just about climate change but it was also about bringing together different groups and organisations from across Newport, to look at ways of working together and tackle big issues such as Climate Change and Community relations.  Sherry Ragoo Martin Renew Wales’ Programme Manager said "It was a fantastic, vibrant event and we are really pleased we were able to support it".

The event was a fantastic opportunity for local Women to come together and share their experiences of initiatives that they are involved in. 

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