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Grenfell Park Street Community Regeneration Partnership, Swansea

Grenfell Park Street Community Regeneration Partnership, Swansea

The Grenfell Park St. Thomas Port Tennant Community Regeneration Partnership (GSP) has existed for over 11 years.  Its base was in St Stephens Church but in 2015 they secured a 20 year lease on a pavilion building within Jersey Park in the St. Thomas ward of the City and County of Swansea. The building had not been used for any activity other than to store equipment associated with the park for over 15 years and had just been allowed to decay and deteriorate.  GSP secured initial funding from the Swansea City Waste Disposal Company which was followed by further funding from Waste Recycling Environmental Limited (WREN) and with both grants they were able to proceed with the refurbishment.

 The total funding was over £131,000.00. Once the work was started it soon became apparent that the building was in a worse state than was previously thought mostly due to the fact that holes in the roof meant that rain water had soaked the walls and floors. One of the first jobs was to put on a new roof which would then make the whole building watertight.

 GSP were made aware of Renew Wales and got the expertise of mentor Peter Draper from Rounded Developments to advise on options for a sustainable refurbishment including energy use, lighting, water and generally about maximising the building’s usage in a sensible manner.  Towards the completion of the refurbishment GSP applied for further funding to equip the building with everything needed to operate a community centre. They were again successful in being given a grant of £42,000 from Cory Environment Trust in Britain (CETB) who are the present operators of the Tir John Landfill Site which is very close to the pavilion and their funding is again derived from the Landfill Communities Funding.

The building now contains a cafe, kitchen, meeting room, IT suite and accessible toilet and since its completion the projects and activities of GSP including Second Chance (a re-use project) operate from the building. It is hoped the venue will cater for such events as children's parties, adult educational classes, youth clubs and there are also plans to work with local schools, to offer the opportunity for out of the classroom education.  Moreover due to its location within the park it is proving very popular with parents who can enjoy refreshments in the cafe whilst the children are outside paying in the fresh air. 

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