People supporting people
                    to take enterprising action
against climate change

Why Get Involved?

Renew is all about peer-to-peer support. Whether this if from those who have already taken action on climate change, to those who haven’t yet but could (whether they know it or not) or, who have done a bit but could do more. It builds the capacity of both those receiving support and those giving it, and strengthens local networks of people and groups who want to help their communities address the big challenge of climate change.

We provide peer mentor support that is free at the point of demand and tailored to the specific needs, interests and circumstances of each particular group.

We support a range of activities for instance developing local renewable energy resources, starting food clubs and growing projects, making land more sustainable and buildings more energy efficient, setting up sustainable travel initiatives, establishing community owned enterprises, and engaging schools in climate change action.



How to Get Involved?

  • Contact the central team and we will link you with your local co-ordinator. They will then speak to you about your community group and how Renew could help you.
  • You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see our latest activities.
  • You can sign up to our newsletter

 How did it come about?

Renew Wales is a Practioner led programme that wanted to support community led aciton on climate change.  It is supported through the Sustainable Steps programme delivered through the Big Fund and funded by money from dormant bank accounts.

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