People supporting people
                    to take enterprising action
against climate change

Project Aims

We aim to hold true to the following principles.


  • The mentoring and flexible support will be peer-to-peer – using the experience from community groups, practitioners and pioneers to support, inspire and engage a new wave of communities
  • Support and train community leaders to make lasting change within their communities
  • To build a network of support which can thrive after this initial two year funding
  • To be open and inclusive – working with all groups, practitioners, agencies and professionals to transfer knowledge and build skills
  • To support the development of a Vision and Action Plan for each community
  • Facilitate the transfer of knowledge to as many communities as we can – providing training and the skills for the social and economic transition
  • We will inspire, involve, listen, train, support, review, learn – building the programme on an action research model


How did it come about?

Renew Wales is a Practioner led programme that wanted to support community led aciton on climate change.  It is supported through the Sustainable Steps programme delivered through the Big Fund and funded by money from dormant bank accounts.