People supporting people
                    to take enterprising action
against climate change

Cindy Chen


I am the Development Manager at ProMo-Cymru, a social enterprise and charity based in Cardiff. I lead our Communications and Engagement team in developing and delivering projects and services for our clients. ProMo-Cymru works towards building positive change and lasting relationships between young people, families and communities. We provide innovative and creative solutions through meaningful conversations and digital technology. I have been a Renew Wales co-ordinator since 2012 and have worked with over 15 community groups in Cardiff, Bridgend, Blaenau Gwent and the Vale of Glamorgan to come up with creative ideas to combat climate change.


Tell us about your ongoing work with Renew...

The best part of being a Renew Wales co-ordinator is being able to meet with different people and learn about what they do and support them in taking action to tackle climate change from a grassroots level. Since being a Renew Wales co-ordinator, I have supported many diverse and interesting environmental projects such as recycling wooden pallets into furniture items, building a sensory garden for children with special needs, creating a video to raise awareness on climate change, working with the scouts on a growing project etc. 

What is your vision for your region in 2050?


In 2050, we will be living in a world that chooses the environment over ease. We are experts on how to minimise further damage to our planet and are living life in a way that protects our world. We can get there by empowering people to envision the future they want and have a voice, bringing them together to make a difference and achieve common goals. 


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